Create Your Profile

Create Your Profile

“By creating your profile you are enabling yourself to be found by the ideal employer”

Creating your profile will help job promoters analyze your skills and qualifications. The more details you provide help prospective employers to understand the skillsets which make you the right candidate for the job. By creating your profile you will be able to find the best job there is according to your profile.

How do I create a profile?

Step 1:  To create an Intern profile, make sure you are signed in to SafeSource Intern, then click on your avatar picture on the upper-right hand corner, click on Settings, then Edit my profile on the drop-down menu

Step 2:  
Fill in form information to complete your Intern profile. The more detail you provide, the better results you should achieve.

Once you’ve completed all the steps, click on the “Save & Update” button to save your profile.

ou’ll be able to edit and make changes to your profile as you wish.